Computer System Integration-Fileservers and Networking:

Muhimu computer systems ltd designs local area network for small businesses. Our first order of business is to LISTEN to customer's needs, understanding the customer's particular area of business; because we know each business has unique needs. Muhimu computer systems ltd provides the capabilities and commitment in helping small businesses to discover creative, cost-effective solutions to their computing needs. Muhimu computer systems ltd provides the solution to increase business productivity, profit and competitiveness.

Computer Installation, Service and Repair:

Muhimu computer systems ltd installs VSL and national brands of computers, specializing in Novell, Windows NT/2000/2003, Windows 98/2000/XP. We handle systems of every size from 2 to 500+ work-stations Muhimu computer systems ltd can assume responsibility for PC service of these systems as well. Our experience supporting "mission critical" applications is unmatched.

High Speed Internet Access Options:

Muhimu computer systems ltd can meet your telecommunications needs as well as your network needs. We partner with a stable, reliable competitive telephone carrier to provide low monthly rates for local dial-tone telephone service as well as long-distance telephone service. And we provide a complete solution: We include all hardware and configuration, as well as the connection itself.

Web Design & Web Services:

If you don't already have your own web page, we can design one for you, whether it's informational or positioned for on-line e-commerce. We can secure and register a domain name for you as well as host your web page and provide all e-mail services.

Warranty Services

Muhimu computer system Ltd has a fully-fledged repair center with qualified engineers who are trained in repairing and maintaining the entire range of computer, printer products and photocopier machines. In addition to repairing equipment during failures or problems, Muhimu computer systems ltd also offers warranty and preventive maintenance services to all its clients. Spares order processing which enables replacement of Faulty part is done in less than 24hrs.