About Us

Muhimu Computer Systems Ltd...(M.C.S.L) is a full-service & sales computer business. We accommodate every type of computer needs that our clients present to us. With clients ranging from personal user, to small business to larger businesses, we have found ourselves able to meet everyone’s needs with quality service and reasonable and extremely competitive rates.


Inspired by the fact that IT has become a multi-billion dollar business and now the fastest growing segment of the entire IT industry and still the most profitable of all sectors. The year 2008 saw the birth of MUHIMU COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD (M.C.S.L) as a full company of its own after been hived off from the mother company VITALTECH SOLUTIONS LTD, computer department.

The planning had been in progress, and slowly developed, the business was officially started, as a Limited company, under the name of Muhimu computer systems ltd (M.C.S.L)

The first stock was done through importation of a 20ft container filled with 260 full computer systems, within 2 months and by rating the trend of the sales, another 40ft container was ordered to fill the gap in time the already fast selling business.

Since it’s founding, the business has been steadily growing, and a lot of start-up work and expenses, the business income has grown, the business is still steadily growing, and planning shows a large increase in business in the coming years.


Ours is to effectively cater for the growing need for Information, Communication and Technology in our societies and corporate world by offering only leading brands and unleveled after sales through personalized attention to your every need.


Muhimu computer systems ltd main aim is focusing primarily on the IT range of products and clientele within Kenya and larger East & Central Africa, and now possesses a wealth of experience and professionalism in the IT industry.

Our mission is to offer services to the customers who do not have an in-house IT staff to manage their computer network infrastructure, and to provide them with both the highest quality of service and a dedication to making and keeping customers satisfied.

Our interest is to increase share holder’s capital though profits earned from the sale of information, communication and technology products and services. MCSL knows this can only be achieved by embracing our vision to offer only the leading brands in the market and topping it with a personal touch with each client.